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We had several opportunities to work with well-known companies and organizations in Indonesia. We strive to provide the best service to all of our clients to achieve the results according to the client's wishes.

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As a team, Elemes started in February 2018, used to be part of Circledoo and known as Circledoo for businesses That handle the digital product in learning areas for large companies such as BFI Finance, Adira Finance, Bank Permata, and Kalbe. Then in 2020 Circledoo experienced a downsizing which made Elemes start his own company.

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Supporting Services

We also provide these additional
support for complete the service before

Cloud/Servers Maintenance

Cloud/Servers Maintenance

The platform that we build will manage by our team to ensure the platform will run smoothly in daily operation

Platform Maintenance

Platform Maintenance

Serving system maintenance on your platform. Help you find fixes bugs and errors

Administrator Support

Administrator Support

Manage the platform so that it is always up. Add content, report data & manage users

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Our Services

Providing Outsourcing Developer Team to support the company build digital products

Elemes has experience building many of the great products which is used by companies

Our Services

Digital Talent Outsourcing

We can provide powerfull digital talent for your IT Department

Project Manager Product Strategist Backend Developer Frontend Developer Mobile Developer UI/UX Designer Infrastructure Specialist Quality Assurance Security Engineer Business Analyst Project Admin Scrum Master
Elemes Tech Stack

Find Out Our Talent Database

Elemes FTRO (Full Time Remote Outsourcing) is a place for all IT talent in Indonesia to learn and grow as a professional in the IT and digital industry. We have many IT and digital programs that can fit the industry requirement

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Our Recent Works

Take a look of what our team have done


PT Dipo Star Finance

Product Description: Mocil adalah situs jual beli kendaraan online dengan cara kredit / pembiayaan

Product Scope: Product Idea and Product Concept

New Starxperience

PT Dipo Star Finance

Product Description: Pengguna dapat melakukan pembelian, pembayaran angsuran, perawatan, pembayaran pajak tahunan, sampai dengan penjualan kembali

Product Scope: Product Idea and Product Concept


PT Rimaji Teknologi Negeri

Product Description: Konsep smart laundry berbasis aplikasi dan teknologi IoT yang menyenangkan dan berbeda dalam proses laundryn

Product Scope: Product Idea and Product Concept

Tepat Daya

PT Bank BTPN Syariah Tbk

Product Description: Platform digital learning yang dikhususkan bagi nasabah ultra-mikro BTPN Syariah untuk meningkatkan kapasitas sebagai wirausaha

Product Scope: Product Design, Web Contributor, Web Mentor, Web Admin, Mobile App Android & Ios, Server Architecture


PT Global Investment Institusi

Product Description: Platform sempurna di mana impian menjadi profesional TI menjadi kenyataan

Product Scope: Product Design, Web Teacher & Student, Web Admin, and Server Architecture

You Are Stellar

PT Infra Solusi Indonesia (i-Solution)

Product Description: Tempat Menggali Potensi Terbaik Untuk Karir Impian

Product Scope: Joint development with internal resoource


PT Lingkaran Edukasi Kreatif

Product Description: lingkaran is a leading creative education platform in Indonesia.

Product Scope: Product design, LMS Learner, Admin Panel and server architecture

Kelas Bersama

PT Edutama Tempo Integra

Product Description: Kelas Bersama adalah ruang yang kita kembangkan bersama. Di sini siapa pun bisa belajar dan mengajar

Product Scope: LMS Learner, Admin Panel and server architecture

Baca Pibo

PT Pibo Media Anak

Product Description: Membuka Pintu Baru Dunia Baca untuk Si Kecil

Product Scope: Website, Admin Panel and server architecture


School of Business & Management ITB

Product Description: Platform online untuk menghubungkan berbagai pelaku (stakeholder) untuk bersama-sama membangun ekosistem bisnis lokal

Product Scope: Product Design, Web LMS and Web admin


PT Investree Radhika Jaya

Product Description: Suntree stands for Streaming, Upskilling, and Nurturing Track for 1Investree. Suntree is an interactive and engaging learning apps where

Product Scope: Product Design, Web admin, Mobile App Android & Ios

Beras Mbay

PT Pandawa Agri Indonesia

Product Description: MBAY Natural Rice from Indonesia From our Farmers For our Farmers

Product Scope: Product design and landing page

Lajoe ID

Lajoe ID

Product Description: Layanan memberi dan mencari barang bekas untuk didistribusikan ke orang yang tepat agar jadi manfaat

Product Scope: Development website & app


Tools & Tech We Used

Design & development process can be more easier with using these stacks

Elemes Tech Stack


Whats our clients saying
about us

Joko IsmoyoWendy Pratama

Elemes merupakan solusi bagi perusahaan untuk memiliki e-learning platform dengan feature yang mudah digunakan dan yang menjadi nilai plus adalah tim support yg sangat sigap membantu klien

Joko Ismoyo

Joko Ismoyo

VP People Strategy at Investree.id

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